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Our Companies
Work in Tandem to meet The needs of
the Middle East market

Tristar established its 1st service center in 1984 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Since then Tristar has evolved into a major player in the Saudi Automotive market with a workforce exceeding 400 well trained employees spread over the four entities making up the TRISTAR GROUP AS follows:

  • Saudi Automotive Transmission Company (SATCO)
  • National Spare Parts Co.
  • Qatar Automotive Service Co.
  • Tristar USA INC.

These Companies work in tandem to meet the needs of the Middle East markets.

Saudi Automatic Transmission Company
Tristar Centers are the first in the Kingdom to specialize in automatic transmission. Our centers throughout the country employ the latest technologies available for the rebuilding and maintenance of gear boxes and general auto care services in selected location. We have some factory-trained technicians from the USA that are constantly updating our staff on the latest technological advances. • Express Services • Best Prices • Warranty
National Spare Parts
National Spare Parts Co. is a procurement and marketing company that imports and sell a full range of transmission parts and products. It has branches in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. These outlets sell to walk-in customers and wholesalers and are growing to cover Saudi and Gulf States.
Qatar Automotive Service Co.
In 2006, Tristar established the first specialty automatic transmission center in Doha. Besides transmission work, we offer full auto care services and periodic and preventive maintenance by a handpicked staff. The center is equipped with the latest in tools and technology. A parts store has been added to serve the local market as the company is the local agent for ZF in Doha.
Established in 1981, Tristar USA is an exporter of transmission parts to the Middle East and is in charge of supplying the group with parts and technologies.